Opportunity Fund

Prism Opportunity Fund


The Prism Opportunity Fund (“POF”) invests in growing information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and services businesses. We seek to partner with proven, entrepreneurial management teams to drive growth in our portfolio companies. The fund has $50 million under management — a combination of private investment and SBA (Small Business Administration) capital.

Typically, Prism Opportunity Fund invests in:

One of our great advantages is the Operating Advisory Board. It provides strategic insight and functions as a management consultant to the fund as well as to our portfolio companies.

Their invaluable insights and industry affiliations create tactical advantages and opportunities typically not available to this market. Our goal is to provide all of the financial and advisory resources necessary for your success.


Our portfolio reflects our growth investing strategy and includes both venture investments in information technology companies and buyout/growth equity investments in specialty manufacturing, business services, healthcare and content related businesses.



Banner Services
Banner Services Corporation is a Carol Stream, IL-based provider of precision steel bar grinding services The company employs advanced production and information systems to produce its products in industry-leading cycle times and has an exceptional reputation in a fragmented industry sector.


Celleration was founded in 1999 to develop its Mist Therapy System. This non-contact ultrasound technology will form the platform for multiple opportunities, including but not limited to applications in wounds, otology, urology and dental/drug delivery. The company’s initial focus will be assisting in healing of chronic wounds with a focus on decubitus, venous and diabetic ulcers. Other longer-term applications for Celleration’s™ Technology will include other types of chronic and acute wounds, burns being a major component of the acute wound market


Newser is a mass-market, advertiser-supported online general news site. The Company’s short-form, visual approach to news collects stories from throusands of the leading English language news sites and curates them using a combination of intelligent technology and experienced journalists.


Trustwave formerly known as AmbironTrustwave, is the leading provider of information security and compliance management (PCI) solutions to Fortune 2000 businesses and the public sector. The company’s offerings help ensure the integrity of payment card transactions and provide security for customer and transaction data.



Artromick International
Artromick International is the dominant manufacturer and supplier of medication carts and related drug packaging supplies and systems to the nursing home industry. Artromick sells its products predominantly to institutional pharmacies that purchase drugs in bulk, repackage them into patient-specific containers and distribute them in carts to long-term care facilities. Artromick is the recognized engineering leader in its space. The Company’s products are known for their durability and are highly modular and customizable to meet specific customer applications.


CultureWorx provides a hosted Internet-based performance management platform designed to align corporate goals with employee actions and behaviors. It does this by offering a real-time rewards and recognition system that instantly rewards and acknowledges employees/channel partners for achieving agreed upon actions. The result is a compelling ROI and more satisfied, productive, employees. CultureWorx was sold to Carlson Marketing in 2002.


Fieldglass provides advanced web-based software applications to facilitate the procurement and management of skilled temporary (or “contingent”) employees. The Company’s solution suites are modular, scalable and fully customizable along multiple dimensions, allowing customers unlimited flexibility in specifying, procuring, scheduling and tracking their contingent workforce.


Fitzroy Dearborn
Fitzroy Dearborn is a publisher of high quality reference books for the librarian market. Fitzroy Dearborn focuses primarily on the creation of proprietary content and has titles in areas including the arts, humanities, business, technology, and the social and physical sciences. Fitzroy Dearborn has editorial and marketing offices in Chicago and London. Fitzroy Dearborn was sold to Taylor and Francis in September 2002.


HighBeam LLC is a Chicago-based company investing in and operating enterprises positioned at the intersection of technology and media. HighBeam aims to provide individual researchers with affordable, enterprise-quality online information resources and the tools to organize and package information in useful ways.In August 2002, HighBeam purchased two services — eLibrary and Encyclopedia.com — from Toronto-based Tucows Inc. These research services provide resources to over one million users and tens of thousands of individual subscribers. The two services formed the core of the business run by Infonautics, Inc. before Tucows acquired it in 2001. Highbeam was sold to Cengage Learning/Gale in December 2008.


Integrated Systems Development (“ISD”)
ISD is a Holland, MI-based transaction processing software company, ISD was founded in 1985, and serves over 100 mid- and large-tier retailers. The Company’s Message Sentry software provides a payment “gateway” that works with multiple forms of tender, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, stored value cards, private label cards, etc.


Penn Wheeling
Penn Wheeling is a leading independent manufacturer of metal lid closures for glass jars used in applications including specialty food, personal care, pharmaceutical and other niche products. The company also has captive lithographic capabilities that allow it to compete across its diverse customer base for custom, fast turn around, short-run opportunities. Penn Wheeling was sold to Tecnocap S.p.a. in March 2006.


ProSight, a portfolio management software provider, was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Portland, OR. The company’s flagship product, Portfolios, automates IT project portfolio management for enterprise-class customers. Portfolios integrates with existing data sources to gather information on the status of myriad IT projects throughout the organization. This information is then automatically consolidated, analyzed and presented to key decision-makers through user-friendly graphical maps, dashboards and scorecards. Prosight was sold to Primavera Systems, Inc. in December 2006.


Service Intelligence
Service Intelligence provides a complete suite of Customer Experience Management and Performance Assessment products. The Company’s offering combines traditional mystery shopping (historically a fragmented, paper-based service) with an advanced set of Web-based delivery and analysis tools that enable its clients to monitor real-time customer trends and feedback. At the core of value proposition is the ability of Service Intelligence to study a client’s customer experiences, giving the company insight into the reasons why customers remain loyal — or defect to the competition — across all channels of service delivery. Service Intelligence was sold to Global Compliance Services, Inc.in February 2006.


SterilMed is one of the leading reprocessors of single-use devices (“SUDs”) for hospitals and surgical centers. As part of its comprehensive logistics solution, SterilMed collects, cleans, tests, sterilizes, repackages and ships SUDs to its customers. SterilMed has FDA approval to reprocess the widest variety of medical devices in the country and is ISO 9001/13485 certified.